Game Instructions


OBJECT OF THE GAME: To expose the idiocy and bias of the liberal left and their complicit media counterparts. And to LAUGH!!!


Deck of Controversy Cards. Each has a topic noted at the bottom along with a “ripped from the headlines” controversy offensive only to liberals. Categories include: Race Hustle, Wussification of America, Bureaucra-Siege, Hollywood Hypocrisy, IslamObamaNation, Police Lives Matter, Shoot Me Now!, Rainbow Games, Campus Coddling, Feminism Folly, Fence Jumping, Christian Assault, Earth Snobs, In Your “Right” Mind, Animals Are People Too, Millenial Entitlement.

Media Madness Cards. Each contains a list of typical mainstream media talking points meant to shame good, hard-working patriotic Americans for their beliefs and values. Completely fictional moderators not at all based upon real media personalities have been assigned to each card. 

Pad of scorecards



4 to 10 players.

-Provide each player with a scorecard and a pen.

-Shuffle the Controversy Cards thoroughly and deal out 5 to each player.  Scatter the remainder of the deck in the center of the table “Go Fish” style.

-Allow each player to select a Media Madness card and read aloud the name of the Moderator that they have chosen to portray.  As stated above, Moderator names are completely fictionalized and not based upon real people (wink,wink).

-The oldest player begins by pitching a story to the other players (now Media Moderators) by reading one of their Controversy Cards in an accusatory tone without revealing the category at the bottom.  The “controversy” has likely been perpetrated by many Conservatives and the accusation is directed at all right-wingers collectively.

-The player to the immediate left of this round’s accuser has the option to “pass” or “cover the story”.  If passed, the next player to the left has the same option and so on until a player offers to cover the story.  That player must then guess the category. If correct that player checks off the affiliated category on their scorecard. As a bonus, they will have the pleasure of issuing a rant from their Media Madness card attempting to shame the accused for their liberally offensive “crime”. If incorrect, that player must cross off one of their microphone icons on their scorecard and may not check off the category.  ALTERNATE DRINKING VERSION: Incorrect answer results in player taking a shot. 

-If all players pass or if a player guesses the wrong category then the player that read the card gets to check the category off on his or her scorecard.

-Once a round has been completed, player discards used Controversy Card and draws a new one from the pile.

-Play resumes progressively left starting a new round with the next player pitching a story by reading aloud a Controversy Card from their hand. Repeat the same format. 

-If any player crosses off all 3 microphone icons on their scorecard due to incorrectly identified categories, they are out of the game.



*Players should pass on controversies which they believe are the same as those already checked off on their scorecard.  Players cannot get credit for duplicate categories.

*When it’s their turn to play the accuser and pitch a story, players should try to stump the other Media Moderators with regard to the category. Skimming through the cards in one’s hand prior to play is encouraged.

*Many controversies contain elements that could pertain to multiple categories.  However, the liberal offense itself gives the clue to the assigned category.


WINNING: Play ends once one player has checked off 5 different categories on their scorecard.  (Prior to starting the game players can agree to a different number of categories needed to win.  In order to maximize media shame try requiring that all categories be checked off in order to win.)



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